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The World Bank - Improving Transportation Asset Management for the Caribbean

Transforming Transportation Asset Management to a data-informed transparent business case approach.

The overall goal of this project is to support developing nations in better management of road infrastructure through the development of an integrated asset management system. This system should increase the resilience of transportation networks to disasters and impacts of climate change; and facilitate operational and strategic decision-making on asset management, maintenance, upgrade, consolidation, and expansion; and ensure that the transport asset meets national development and social needs. This system shifts to using quality data to help strategically inform integrated decisions.

Project Norway: OptimalTid - When is the optimal time for ECI ?

Involving the right expertise at the right time

Large and complex projects have become commonplace, increasing the need to engage contractors in pre-construction services (PCS), also known as ECI. Clients now have a range of procurement options that can involve a contractor in any phase of the pre-construction process. Finding optimal collaboration systems is of great importance for public investment. It provides better solutions, lower operating costs, and is the basis for efficient infrastructure projects.

See Project Norway and Our Research Paper for more information!

Endeavor Project ($10M) : CanConstructNZ - Horizontal Infrastructure Team

Imagine if all the infrastructure construction companies in New Zealand had a good understanding of the forward workload available over the coming months and years.

And imagine if the capacity and capability of the construction sector were well understood. The nation could then create a balance of workload and delivery, for the benefit of all. We are determined to create this outcome and the MBIE Endeavour Fund is backing us in a five-year program, which we are calling CanConstructNZ. We have formed four research and development teams drawing from Massey, Auckland, Victoria, and Canterbury Universities with a wide range of external advisors.

DiSCo - the Digital and Sustainable Construction Research Group

Our research group conducts advanced interdisciplinary research toward digital and sustainable construction for the future. Our research group investigates the application of AI in the construction sector. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Automated planning and pattern recognition for model-based intelligent behavior (process mining)

  • Advanced machine learning and process optimization algorithms for decision support and decision-making problems (expert systems)

  • Predictive cost overrun models

  • Damage assessment and maintenance

  • Waste generation and energy management

Read more at our website:

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